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Transportation of wood & sawn-timber  

As the woodworking company we have enough experience in transportation of wooden products.

When trading round logs you should count that:

- reloading is possible only with a grab

- stowage factor is low, so the freight will be higher then for sawn-timber

- bark, snow & mud add extra weight while transport, but dont add extra to your invoice

- different measurement systems may drive you & your buyer to a different results. So, the cubage according to GOST & Huber may differ for 15%!

Remember, that owners accept the gods for upper deck for shippers risk & expenses so, they discharge their liability in case of loose cargo. We may refer to our own negative expirence, when in 1998, on two consecutive voyages of m/v Ivan Shadr & Vera Mukhina (NSC fleet) in the Biscayan Gulf they had lost 3000pcs (about 500 cub.m) & 4000 pcs (about 650 cub.m) of pine poles, correspondenly. There was the general average in both cases and later insurers compensate the loss to our customer, but above the all reasons, it was very unpleasant situation for us.

In 2002 we have started to load rownd debarked poles on the standard tilt trailers, using the wooden retainers and metal wire for securing. 7 & 8 m long poles being loaded on the cross postion and solid cubage was counted up to 42-44 cub.m. Door to door delivery cost as much as the sea freight+port handling, meanwhile goods reached the Customers within 7-8 days.

If you are planning to move timber products please fill the request and well offer you the best way to deliver your goods:

Your name: 
Contact phone: 
Type of product: 
Total volume: 
Diameter min/max: 
Dimensions of packages: 
Loading place: 
Destination place: 
Loading period: 

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